Sebastian Agignoae on the Global Leaders Network

Setting the Tone for the Era to Come

CHICAGO, July 12, 2019 -- Founder Sebastian Agignoae of the International Orchestra of Refugees sat down with Yesoe Yoon, host of Global Leaders Network on WiN TV Chicago 채널 24.5. From discussing the conception of the IOR, to examining the current state of the refugee crisis, Sebastian and Yesoe explore strategy, obstacles, and ways to become principled and effective leaders in light of the world’s most pressing public challenges.

“As a global community, in light of the refugee crisis, we’re falling. In light of the climate crisis, we’re falling. But what’s really important about this is to direct our attention to not the fact we’ve fallen, but how we pick ourselves back up, because everyone loves a good comeback story.

With the refugee crisis at an unprecedented level today, the decisions we make now, and the actions we make now, what we do and what we don’t do, will set the tone for the era to come.”

-Sebastian Agignoae

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Additionally, Sebastian also announced his commitment to Harvard University at the Kennedy School of Government to further accelerate the mission of the International Orchestra of Refugees. He will be a candidate for the Master’s Degree in Public Policy at Harvard University for the class of 2021.

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Written by Sebastian Agignoae, International Orchestra of Refugees


About International Orchestra of Refugees

IOR’s mission is empowering displaced musicians to become musical ambassadors of peace, through orchestral opportunities and collaborative community.

“The International Orchestra of Refugees gives these people who are displaced the opportunity to prosper, not just survive.”

-Sebastian V. Agignoae, Founder & Director of IOR